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Passenger Registration is
Needed for Fishing Ride


In accordance with Japanese law for Fishing ride service, passenger shall provide below information before ride. The information is used only for security purpose and not used for any other purpose. 

  • Name

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Address

  • Contact number(Yours)

  • Contact number(Person if you're not reached)

  • Follow captain's instruction, where you're seated. During the boat is headed to the fishing place, do not stand and be seated.

  • Borrow and Wear the Life Jacket

  • Set up

Rod and Reel

1) Connect between fishing line from Rod and Bishi Cage

2) Connect between Bishi Cage and fishing hooks

3) Put the chunk in the Bishi Cage

4)Attach Beit to the hooks (2 or 3 hooks)

Bishi cage


  • Casting

Need to check before cast

1) clutch on the reel is off (Line can be released) 

2) Chunk is filled in Bishi cage

3) Beit is attached to the hooks

Fish on?


2) Hit it to the bottom

3) Up by 2~3 meters and shake rod 

5) Another up by 0.5 ~ 1 meter

4) Shake rods to make chunk comes out

1) Drop the Bishi Cage (no need to throw)

The line comes out until the Bishi Cage hit the bottom of the sea

2) Once it hit to the bottom, the line stop going out, turn on the clutch immediately.

* DO NOT leave the line loose, it causes tangle with other guest's fishing line.

3) Reeling up to make the Bishi cage up by 2~3 meters from the bottom, where Aji are active.

4)Shake and Swing the rod so that the chunk comes out - Attracting Aji

5)Another Reeling up by 0.5 ~ 1 meter 

  • If Not fish on 

Retrieve the Bishi cage


- Refill the chunk

- Check hook and line are not tangle

CAUTION:  DO NOT make the Bishi Cage up too high - It causes breaking rod

Stop reeling up when the Bishi Cage is just under the surface

  • If FISH IS ON, 

When the fish on, the rod vibrates,

1) Calm down yourself

2) Reel up with speed mid. Level - If too fast, fish can escape from hook

3) Stop reeling up when the Bishi Cage is just under the sea surface

4) Put Bishi Cage in the hole and hold line.

5) Lift up the fish and bring it inside the boat 

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