Rowboat Rental

Finding a school of fishes using your own senses, is the charm of rowboat fishing.
Sailing from the edge of the Tokyo bay, your eyes can reach many conspicuous landscapes such as the Sarushima island, Yokohama Landmark tower and the Aqua-line highway. Floating on the ocean, you have only yourself to rely on. It's time to row the boat and begin your own fishing game. 

Allure Of Rowboat Fishing - Wide range of fish targets

Differently from many fishing excursion services which target specific kind of fishes, to catch fishes you like, you can sail anywhere you like.
Typical fishes you can catch near the Otsu bay include:
Bass, Japanese Porgy, Fat Greenling, Japanese red rockfish, Marbled Rockfish, whiting, Aji(Japanese horse mackerel), Flounder(Flatfish), etc

Rental Boat 1 person    

7:00-15:30     4,000 Yen

Rental Boat 2 person 

7:00-15:30  4,500 Yen

RowBoat Rental Information

Japanese Porgy
Aji(Japanese horse mackerel)

Please refer to this instruction described by one of our regular customers
to prepare for your boat fishing. 

How To Enjoy Rowboat Fishing 


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