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A share-ride or charter fishing boat, "Tsuribune", is very popular for long time in Japan. Traditionally each shop has their favorite kinds of fish(depending on areas, seasons or captain's skills) and provide share-ride fishing services. 

Or we also listen to customer's request and provide a charter ride for your groups or families.

Through fishing, which is very traditional way to catch fishes, we can catch the real fishes in the nature.

You'll enjoy the open atmosphere on the ocean.  After Tsuri(Fishing), you could cook the fishes you catch and have dinner or party, that's how boat fishing is becoming popular in Japan.



Q1. Is it okay it's the first time fishing for our group (family)?

Of course yes. We'll support your fishing. We have lots of experiences to have beginners enjoyed.

Q2.What do we need to bring?

If you would like to use our rental tackles and rods, basically you don't need to bring anything.

On the boat it is wet and slippy please wear appropriately for your activity.

However, bringing your cooler box is recommended if you wish to bring the fishes you catch back home.

(We can provide poly boxes for sale as well (JPY300 per box).

For food and drinks, please serve and help yourself. We don't sell anything other than fishing tools on the boat currently. Please take care of yourself and drink enough water especially under the hot weather. Also, spray or medicine to prevent tan or seasick would be good for you.

Q3.By when do we need to inform when we have to cancel the reservation?

Please let us know immediately if your fishing plan was changed. We don't take any cancel fees while we might have to cancel your excursion due to some bad weather condition. 

We check the weather forecast on the previous day of your reservation and let you know of our updated excursion plan.

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Horse Mackerel

Aji, Japanese horse mackerel, has long time been one of the popular fishes for fishing in Tokyo-Bay area, where is surrounded by Tokyo, Yokohama and Chiba.
The wild jerk of Aji fish on fishhook entertains everyone from beginners to well experienced anglers. What makes good angler in Aji fishing is the skill to place the bait at a desired depth. (the technique is called Tana-Tori in Japanese).
Basically the desired depth to hung the bait is about 2m above the bottom. Seemingly it sounds simple, but the thing is more complicated when in Tokyo bay where the tide is fast at some time and deep spots.
Moreover, Aji is very popular fish for cooking in Japan. Not only we make them raw like Sushi or Sashimi, but also we cook Aji in various ways like grills, soup or fries.
They say in Japan there are 2 types of Aji, one is migratory, the other is less migratory and settles in some bays, where is rich and appropriate for predation.
There are some famous Aji brands all over Japan, they are all the less migratory type Aji, looking fat and colored in gold, like the ones you can catch with us. Golden Horse mackerel of Tokyo bay is well known for its rich taste.
Let's face them with us and catch them with your hand!

Maru Matsu Fishing Excursion[Horse Mackerel Fishing]

Available on Sat., Sun, and holidays

Morning Slot      7:30 - 11:30

Afternoon Slot   13:00 - 17:00

6,000 JPY for an adult

(Discount offered for kids, women and seniors)

TEL: +8146-843-8167

6:00 - 16:00 (Except Tuesdays)

Mebaru - Black Rockfish

Night Cruise


Maru Matsu Night Excursion [Black Rockfish Fishing]

Available on Sat., Sun, and holiday

18:00 - 21:00

6,000 JPY for an adult

(Discount offered for kids, women and seniors]

(discount offered for customers who rode daytime cruise on the day]

TEL: +8146-843-8167

7:00 - 16:00 (Except Tuesdays)

In the hot summer season, this night fishing excursion is popular especially among local anglers. The target fish, Mebaru, Black Rockfish, is said to be active from evening. We use light weighted rods and tackles which make the jerk of fish powerful to enjoy.

Of course Mebaru is good for cooking in grills, soup or fries. Kasago, another kind of rockfish that can be caught in this fishing, is also tasty. Both have white meat and go well with any type of cooking.

How about escaping from the summer sun and spending the evening with us fishing in Tokyo-bay. 



This section describes equipment and our fishing boat. Freely ask us if anything you want to know more.


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